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What is Good with You?

Posted on: November 5th, 2019

There are moments in time when we have to be mindful as to what is good in our lives. Difficult times can be distracting. Moments of strife can cloud your judgment and shift your focus so that the only thing you see is the difficult time. I often ask my patients this question, “What’s good with you?” This question seems to catch some patients off guard, but it is a simple one. Difficult moments can seem unending and overwhelming. Focusing on one good thing in life can remind us that there is good in the midst of chaos. Taking a moment to laugh with your loved one. Seeing the beauty in the change of the seasons. Feeling the warmth of the sun. Playing your favorite music in the middle of a traffic jam. These are all examples of finding the good. Sometimes the good is not obvious. We have to intentionally seek it out.

Finding the good is a mindfulness strategy that can help change your focus, relieve tension, and diminish anxious thoughts. No matter the circumstance there is always good to be found. Take a moment and ask yourself, “What is good with you?”


Alicia Lurry MA LPC CRC