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A New Decade

Posted on: January 7th, 2020

It’s 2020! I remember being a child in the 70s thinking 2020 would have flying cars and look like something from the cartoon “The Jetsons.” I reflect on my anticipation of a great new world, the sense of awe and wonder. The ideas and imagination of a child brings a sense of expectation. We may not have the flying cars yet, but we are moving forward in innovations. We now have technological advances in our daily lives that I never would have imagined as a child. Just using this laptop to type this blog was never in my wildest imagination.

As we enter  this new decade of the 21st century lets rekindle that sense of hope and wonder. This New Year let’s not spend so much time looking at the past but let us put our energy into making our present and future great. What’s your vision for this year? If you don’t have one, take time to figure it out. Like those who envisioned our current technology we enjoy, change begins with a vision.

Happy New Year!


Alicia Lurry MA LPC CRC