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April 2020

Posted on: April 6th, 2020

So here we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We find ourselves experiencing an emotional stew of fear, confusion, anger, and hopelessness. We mourn as a nation and many of us have been touched personally by loss from this invisible yet felt presence of this virus. So now what do we do? Where do we find hope? How do we manage the daily uncertainty? I believe the best possible answer to these questions comes from within us. We all must come to a place to cope with this current stress on our own. I say this because we all have different variables within this time in which we are learning to cope. Some of us have to balance our own fears and concerns while trying to create a sense of normalcy for our children as much as possible. Depending on the age of the children those dynamics can look very different. Some have been let go from there jobs and now have the heavy burden of worrying about finance. Some have elderly loved ones we care for and are hyper-vigilant in an effort to keep them safe. Some struggle with depressed mood and this period of isolation is the complete opposite of what is needed emotionally. Regardless of your situation, the one thing you can control is your response. It is normal to be fearful at this time, but fear should not dictate your ability to function. I encourage you to take a moment of gratitude. Gratitude allows you to be mindful of what you have instead of focusing on what is wrong. You may not be able to go out and resume your daily activities but if your family is home safe and sound, that is a time to experience gratefulness. Practice your deep breathing, exercise, prayer and meditation. This allows you to calm anxious thoughts and regain control. Understand that this too will pass. This time is temporary. Continue to focus on our future goals to regain the sense of hope. Stay safe, stay encouraged. We will come out of this!


Alicia Lurry, LPC