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Becoming Your Own Cheerleader

Posted on: January 2nd, 2021

We have come into 2021 after one of the most difficult years in our lifetime. The pandemic of 2020 brought many challenges. We have had to struggle with the effects of the emotional anguish of grief, economic uncertainty and isolation. As we begin to recognize that so many things are out of our control, we need to recognize the power of our thought life. Our thoughts are constant and can often feel like a loop in our mind. It is important to be mindful of what we are saying to ourselves in the midst of difficult times.

Take time to encourage yourself. Remind yourself there is only so much you should do. Take a moment and assess where you are and identify what is good in your life. Take pleasure in your gifts and talents, don’t dismiss them as if they are not important. Be kind to yourself and take time to rest when you need it. Be sure to eat nourishing food. Be careful of the messages you receive from others. Find moments to laugh.

We are making it through a very difficult time. You are strong. You are resilient.

Happy 2021!


Alicia Lurry MA LPC