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Worry Less and Refocus

Posted on: January 10th, 2022

As we are continuing our lives through a global pandemic, it is easy to feel disheartened. Worry becomes a constant bully to rob us of any level of peace in the midst of difficulty. We often hold the misconception that worry is a vehicle for change.  Challenges will come. Life will happen. Worry drains us of the energy we need to deal with difficult times.  Ruminating over a problem allows the problem to take up the space necessary in our minds for solving the problem. Worry is an energy drain. Worry redirects focus from problem solving.

Of course we cannot just wish worry away. Identifying what we are worried about is the first step towards resolving the issue. I often ask my patients to write down the things they are worried about as a way of getting it out in the open.  Spending a short amount of time thinking about these things and then put it away. This exercise provides a visual representation of how to address worry.  Once you put the worry list away allow yourself to refocus and imagine possible solutions to your problems.

We have to take care of ourselves in time of stress. Be mindful to pay attention to areas of focus.


Alicia Lurry MA LPC