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Be Resilient as a Bird

Posted on: March 7th, 2022

I speak to many people in therapy who have become disheartened because of life’s difficulties. Anyone who has lived long enough knows that the storms of life can often knock the wind out of you. Life will have challenges but the sign of a healthy perspective is the ability to be resilient in the challenge. What may you say being a bird has to do with any of this? I am glad you asked.

Birds are resilient. They teach their young to be resilient and independent. Think about the many winds birds have to fly through. If the storm becomes too rough, the bird seeks shelter. The bird displays resilience when he or she decides to fly again after the storm. You will never see a bird walking on the ground and refusing to fly again because they encountered a storm. The bird will teach this strength and resilience to its baby by pushing it out the nest to fly. You will never see a mother bird flying with their off spring on their back. As a parent it’s important to identify If you are giving your child the necessary skills to fly.

Let’s take a lesson from our strong resilient bird friends.


Alicia M. Lurry LPC