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Archive for July, 2022

The Flowers and the Weeds

Posted on: July 8th, 2022

As I was out gardening last weekend. I came across a large plant in my backyard flower bed. I had neglected this area for some time because I had been so busy. I began pulling the weeds and digging the soil in preparation for planting and mulch. My eye would continually go to this odd-looking plant. It was growing around the other plants but stood pretty tall as if it was meant to be there.  It just seemed as if it didn’t belong, although it grew with the other plants that I had previously planted. I did not remember planting this one. I called my neighbor who is an expert in gardening. She has a very good eye and her garden always flourishes. She immediately looked at the large imposter in my garden and said, “That’s a weed, dig it up.” I thought to myself as I was digging this tall intruder out of my garden that there is so much symbolism between our minds, the garden, the weed and negative thoughts.

Like that weed, some thoughts and beliefs appear to be normal as if they belong. We hear them often in our own voice or the voice of someone in our lives. But those thoughts and beliefs do not belong. They have to be identified, sometimes with the assistance of an outside observer. Once identified they need to be dug up by the root and replaced with true flowering belief that can grow and provide nourishment and beauty.

Be aware of what grows in the garden of your mind.


Alicia Lurry LPC