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Embracing Change

Posted on: October 12th, 2021

Starting a new journey can be both exciting and a little scary. Many people find comfort in familiarity. I propose that the comfort in the familiar often is a mechanism that prevents the necessary evolution of growth. The challenge is the idea of letting go of the unknown. The idea that the unknown will automatically be worse than the known creates fear. What would happen if we dismissed the narrative that the unknown is bad?  An analogy I often use is the idea of skydiving. People skydive for the first time I am very sure with a healthy amount of fear. Even though the fear is present they still take the leap. I believe the reward for taking the leap is embracing a new adventure. Taking the leap causes the fear to diminish its hold making a way to experience the joy of the adventure.

Move with courage. Embrace the change you want for your life.


Alicia M. Lurry MA LPC