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Stay Encouraged

Posted on: December 7th, 2020

Here we are in the last month of what we all can agree has been one of the most challenging years in our world’s history. As a therapist I must admit it has been a challenge to encourage others through the effects of fear, isolation, and frustration that this pandemic has brought. I struggle with the same emotions and somedays it is more difficult than others. I do believe however that there is strength in hope. This is but one chapter in many of your lives. It is important to recognize this present state as temporary, because it is. I have found it important to continuously count my blessings. I could complain about being stuck at home or I can be grateful I have a home in which to live. Families can complain about being together so much or be grateful to not be alone.  I can complain about the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic or be grateful for life.

We are experiencing a difficult time but we are not without hope. We will come out the end of this and when we do my hope is that we all will be even more grateful and value all we have.

Stay Encouraged.


Alicia Lurry MA CRC LPC