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Stop to Smell the Roses

Posted on: July 2nd, 2019

Life can be a mixture of highs and lows. It has been my experience that the only thing we can predict as we continue on life’s journey is that life is unpredictable. How then do we maintain balance as we are often knocked off balance? Taking time to slow down and recognize the little joys in life can help regain a since of calm in the midst of chaotic situations. The following are 3 practical suggestions to help restore calm: • Practice mindfulness strategies of sensing the environment. Find a place of quiet. Begin to focus on your breath. Go outside feel the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the wind. • Do what you love. We spend much of our time doing what we “have to” do. Plan time to do thing you want to do. Doing what you love serves as a healthy distraction. It takes us out of our present circumstance and allows for relief from stress. • Laugh out loud. There is a scripture that says Laughter does good like medicine. Whether its spending time with friends or family, watching a funny movie, or going to see a comedy show, take time to laugh. Laughter reminds us that life can be funny. It isn’t always so serious. We knew this as kids but we often forget this as adults. It’s ok to be goofy. Finding joy in the midst of difficulty is not easy but it is necessary for resilience and success.

Author Alicia M. Lurry MA LPC CRC