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The Gift of Waiting

Posted on: August 8th, 2022

The saying that patience is a virtue was always odd to me in my younger years. Really, what’s virtuous about waiting for the thing that you are convinced is yours. Whether it is a new job, a relationship change, a transition of any kind, waiting can feel like the worst torture. But what if the virtue is not the delay but the virtue is in the process of waiting. In that process we develop determination, faith, and hope. In that process we slow down and appreciate our present instead of only worrying about the future. What if the virtue is in preparation for the new thing at the appointed time? I have learned that learning to be patient is the key to peace. The future is going to happen anyway. Worrying about it will not change anything. Worrying just robs us of our present peace.  Let’s start to embrace the gift of waiting and recognize the change that we are experiencing in the process.


Alicia Lurry LPC